Tuesday, October 13, 2015

romantic fall table setting

Our house is slightly decorated for fall, a couple pumpkins here and there,
some nice flowers, some fallish pillows, nothing too intense,
so I enjoyed setting up a little fall table for Mon cheri and me
for a romantic dinner.
With kids, it is sometimes easier to stay home than going out,
some sort of home date?!

Two comfy chairs, a little table,
some pretty plates and we are set for a nice intimate dinner.

Since it  is still too warm to use the fireplace,
 I placed some pumpkins and candles just in front of it.
I used my vintage French tray to hold a real greenish pumpkin
and a fake blue one, and some dried-out hydrangeas from the front yard.

I found this beautiful drink recipe, and it was the perfect time to try it,
it was changed a little, I used real cider for the base (not juice kind),
and skip the vodka.
The cinnamon rim was trickier than I thought, and took a couple tries,
but with the maple syrup underneath it is pretty and delicious!

Since I am mostly an appetizer and dessert kind of girl,
I made some delicious gougeres (cheese puffs),
which I will write about in my next post.
It is here!
Here is my special helper,
she fixes anything that falls on the floor, or even before it hits the ground!

she does not like to get her picture taken!

Happy Fall day!

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