Thursday, October 29, 2015

a new favorite: apple baked donuts

This year has been a great apple season,
a friend of mine goes to the orchard every week end,
and she brings me back bushels of apples,
so many, very delicious apples.
We have been eating them fresh, but also I bake with them.
Many harvest cakes have been eaten, recipe here,
and a few Alsatian pies have been devoured, recipe here.
Well I made a new favorite: apple baked donuts.
Technically they are more like cakes than donuts, since they are not fried,
but with the donuts pan, and the icing they are donuts like!
And there are no actual apple in it, just apple juice or cider,
but it is so very good, and the juice also come from the orchard,
so it is a fruit, right?!

followed this recipe, it is easy and perfect for afternoon snack
or Sunday breakfast, as they are fast to make, slightly longer than making pancakes,
just so much more special, at least that is what my family says!

Happy day!

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