Monday, December 11, 2017

a simple family room Christmas decor

We are finally all decorated for Christmas:
the tree is all dressed up
 and the pillows are out.

The color scheme is actually very similar to last year,
but with some added red, and a little blue.
I wanted to do a blue/green tree but every time I tried
it reminded me of Frozen, which was not what I was looking for!

So we kept it simple,
with the kids putting the ornaments where they wanted.
I am happy that our teenagers are still interested in decorating the tree.

We added a few ornaments this year:

one from Scandinavia from my sister,

one from Lucketts during our last trip

and one cross stitched by my mom, with lavender in it.

To finish decorating the room,
I changed the pillows on the couch,
I do that quite often, nobody at home seems surprised!
Usually we have mostly blue pillows,
but now it is mostly red!

We had our first snow this weekend!

I "needed" a new pillow, so I revisited an old pattern from Amy of Nana Company

and just made it much bigger!

It is such a fun accent to the couch!

And it coordinates with the colors from the kitchen table topper
and cocoa bar, we have a very open concept house!

There are less than 2 weeks to go.....

And Lou is ready for it!
She does not like to get her picture taken,
but there was something on the coffee table she was very interested in,
which I will share next time.

Last year Champagne tree:

The red and natural tree:

Happy day!


  1. That's a beautiful tree! Love the ornaments. and well, I gotta pick your mom's crossed stitch ornament as my favorite, so pretty and delicate!

    1. Thank you Cristina! I am also a big fan of my mom's ornament! And when we put the tree away, I will put it my armoire to enjoy the smell of the lavender (from her garden), it is a double gift!

  2. Beautiful tree and setting. Love the pup!

    1. Thank you Xyra! Pets are great addition to any decor...except when it comes to gingerbread houses!

    2. Yes, so true. I used to take my gingerbread house to work so our kitties wouldn't get it. Then noticed (and please don't be offended) some tiny residents were nibbling. My office is in a renovated barn. found a way to cover it overnight after that. LOL

    3. Too funny! from what I have seen, most people do not eat their gingerbread houses anyway....Lou is probably the only one who will enjoy taking a bite ;)

    4. It's true I've never actually eaten bits of roof or wall, but I'd use candy I loved that would stay "fresh" and tasty over a long period of time. Then I'd pick and eat those. Like trees made from nonpareils, good & plenty roof tiles, necco wafer stepping stones, gummy raspberry shrubs, licorice nib mailboxes, etc. :-)


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