Saturday, December 2, 2017

an aqua and red Christmassy table topper

Now that we are officially in December,
it is really time to start getting ready for Christmas!

We are getting the tree this weekend,
but I already started adding holidays touches to the kitchen
with the cocoa bar and this lovely hexagonal table topper.

Simple and quite fun to make.
I followed (more or less) the directions from the book "Quilt petite" by Sedef  Imer

But I was inspired the shortcuts from Jedi Craft Girl,
and I used wonder under to "glue" my petals!

However I like to remove the middle of the part of the wonder under
before ironing it to the back of the fabric.

It gives less of a glue-on aspect to the fabric, more appliqued look,
while still sealing the raw edges with the wonder under.
The only down side (besides the extra time)
is that it holds less to the background....

Then I stitched/quilted each petal with a thread color matching the fabric.
I like to hand knot all the threads and hide them on the back side,
it takes a while but there is no thread tale or over stitch.

Finally I quilted the rest of the background,
 not perfect and a little messy,
great time to practice more free quilting!

I cut it to a hexagon and bound it with the same red and white fabric.
it has a cute candy cane feel.

The back is actually quite cute in its own right.

I do not recall all of the fabrics I used on this mini quilt,
they are all at least a couple years old prints,
probably left over from my tree skirt
and Christmas quilt from a few years ago.

So I still need to decorate the living room,
but at least now, I have the perfect place to eat breakfast!

Happy sewing!

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