Monday, December 12, 2016

a Champagne tree

Here is my "Champagne" Christmas tree:
I kept it quite simple:

lights and ornaments,
no ribbons this year, unlike last year.

We did not use any red, so quite a few ornaments stayed in the box,
a few other just had a change of ribbon,
Brick Master was very helpful with that part.

He also put back all the red ribbon in the box,
I think he is edging his bet for next year!
Even at almost 16, he is still interested in decorating the tree,
I really enjoy it as a family tradition.
Miss C. was in charge of placing the many creatures in the tree.

Since it is a live one, it is not perfect,
so the bigger, fluffier animals are perfect to fill in.
They are also quite safe in case Malou decide to trim the tree!

Earlier I had purchase some gold ornaments and blush glass ornaments
(as seen in my Champagne mood board here).
Well there were 35 golden balls and we used them all.
I am quite surprised as I did not think we would need them all.
The pinkish ones are more on the top for safety reasons.
And of course we have at least 3 Eiffel tower....

The velvet and faux fur tree skirt adds a nice touch,
keeping everything soft.

Happy Day!

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