Friday, December 16, 2016

present mug rug

It could not be Christmas season without sewing some mug rugs!
This year, it will be a very limited edition, as in one,
it was not a fast project but it turned out really cute:

I mean what is not to love:
linen, Liberty of London and presents,
oh and paper piecing!

I used this pattern from Clover and Violet.
It is a fairly easy pattern, just square/rectangle shapes
and no precise joined points,
unlike this dress or dressform!

But it is time consuming, and so reserve to a someone special.
If you are looking for a nice but faster mug rug for the Holidays,
check these ones:

here for the tutorial

or these ones:

For the fastest of the them all:

And finally the one that stayed with me in the sewing room:

(less clean right now!)

Happy sewing!


  1. Hello Morgane, I really like your blog, it's a cozy place to visit :-). The mug rugs are all lovely, and very useful! Looking forward to follow your projects over here!

  2. It's hard to choose as they all look gorgeous! But you are right is thekind of gift that must be made for a special person, as it takes too long to be finished!!

    1. Thank you Maria, I made it for my Mom, I feel she is special enough ;)!
      I made a few more simple ones that I hope to share soon.


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