tree shape mug rug

Even after making my favorite mug rugs,
I was still left with scraps from my tree skirt.
I wanted to make something different than the same mug rugs,
it gets a little to repetitive to sew and to give 
(and receive, my family can attest of that!)

So I sewed these cute tree shape coasters.
I followed this tutorial from Stitching and Bacon.
I did a good job following the directions for the first one,
but after that I decided it needed more piecing,
but the shape remains the same.

I think it is a great addition to my collection of mug rug.

Time for some more tea!
In case you are wondering, I do have more mugs, even more deer mugs
but there is only one girl reindeer so we are stuck with this one...
I do have to share it with Miss C. who also loves this one,
may be we should get another one,
PB sells them every year...

Happy sewing!


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