Thursday, December 26, 2013

baby doll outfit

For Christmas, My niece K received her first AG doll, a bitty baby.
I felt it was my duty as the crafty aunt to make some toddler friendly clothes for her new baby.
She will be 3 shortly so if I remember properly, it is still really hard to put on doll clothes,
so I made them easy to put on and off, with little (Velcro) or no closing.

Most of these clothes work also for a big girl doll, like Kaya.

I started with a simple long sleeve T-shirt following this great pattern/tutorial (free)
 from the Scientific Seamstress,
the directions are easy to follow, the T-shirt fits well both dolls, and there are 3 sleeves length
so that it can work for most dolls, I choose long sleeves for the baby,
so they are 3/4 sleeves on Kaya.
The fabric comes from a new knit shirt (craft store), I used the edges to save some time,
I aligned the bottoms of the shirt and sleeves with the edges of the shirt, no hemming necessary!

Then I sewed a simple reversible skirt from this free pattern from You Can Make This,
I have made some many versions of this skirt,
it is super fast and easy and it fits just about anything,
including stuffed animals!
I tried to use 2 fabrics that would work with the T-shirt,
one sweet flowery print (seen on the baby)
and one modern print (seen on Kaya). 

Next I sewed a little dress without any closure,
it goes over the head of the baby,
it can be worn with or without the T-shirt.

I purchased this pattern from You Can Make This many years ago,
(it is also from the Scientific Seamstress)
for Miss C. to make her dresses and tops, and it includes the sizes for dolls.
I made this outfit for her and her dolls when she was in preschool...

I kept this dress simple, once again hoping to make it easier for a 3 year old to play.
The straps have elastic inside for a fast dressing of the doll.
I tried again to work with a print that work with the T-shirt,
and who does not love some heart print?

Finally it was brought to my attention that it was winter and that the baby might be cold
in all of these warmer weather clothes....Miss C. is my consultant!
So I added a little cape and a beret.

I had made both of them before, so I knew they were fast and easy project.
Both are made of fleece, great for sewing and playing.
The cape pattern (free) is from Strictly Homemade, I made the circle a little smaller as the baby is not as big as the big dolls, and skipped the button.
The beret pattern (free) is from American Doll Outfitters, it is a little large on the baby,
but my baby is not an AG baby so hopefully the real one has a bigger head!
It does fit the big girls really well.

Happy sewing!

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