Thursday, December 1, 2016

cross stitched advent calendar

Here it is:
my cross stitched advent calendar!

I love it!
It turned out just as I had hoped.
The pics are a little dark, I finished it last night.
It also seats in my little reading corner in the master bedroom, a tight space!

I even reused the frame that was already there:

which seems very fitting since it was previously Miss C's American Doll advent calendar:

But right now, it is all mine!

Previously, I shared the cross stitched numbers here (for the first trough 9)
and here (for 10-18).
Here are the last few:

(18 is back, since 17 was not finished for the previous post!)

After all the numbers were embroidered,
I made 24 little bags with box corners
and 24 more out of white on white lining fabric.

here is the pile with the lined bags over the cross stitched ones,
yep this took a while!

But it makes for a clean finish bag,

I did take a short cut and machine stitched
 the side opening of the lining bag
(usually I hand stitched those...!)

But here they all are,
and they make me happy....

Now this calendar might be too cute to stay in the master bedroom,
it might need to come downstairs...
or at least I need to decorate that reading nook more.

Remember at the beginning when I said it was mine,
here are the calendars the kids have:

Miss C. chose a TsumTsum one,
and Brick Master a chocolate one (from IKEA)

They were quite happy to get out of bed this morning,
not bad for a tween and a teen!

Happy sewing!


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  1. So so pretty! Gorgeous! It needs to be at sight for everybody look at and be happy!


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