Tuesday, December 20, 2016

my little Dandelions are coming along

My new set of Dandelion doe(s) is really coming along,
I have now 4 new friends

who will be leaving me shortly....
well one is staying with me,
but to keep everything a secret as much as possible,
I will not say with one!

They are still missing their little black nose,
but I have already sewn their little Liberty of London dresses.

Some have laces (heirloom or regular), some are more simple,
and of course there are the boots.
I still have 2 more pairs to make, I love adding the embroidery details
on the side of the boots and of course matching them to the dresses.

Aren't they so cute with their little Liberty of London ears?

Next time you see them, they will be all dressed up,
but only after Christmas.

Happy sewing!


  1. They are VERY cute, I just love the inside of their ears :-). And the boots and dresses are adorable! What is their size approximately?

    1. thank you J.J., they are about 14 inches tall and sit very nicely, standing is more challenging, especially all of them at once!


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