Wednesday, December 28, 2016

la buche de Noel aux marrons

Just before Christmas, as I was revisiting my traditional chocolate buche de Noel,
I mentioned wanting to try a new flavor:
la buche aux marrons or chestnut yule log.

Well it turned out pretty good, Miss C. and I really enjoyed it,
the men of the house cannot eat it since it is full of nuts!

To keep it fair, I also made the chocolate one.
So I started with the same dough, and after baking it and
covering it in simple syrup, I used 2/3 for the chocolate buche
and 1/3 for the chestnut one.
While they are different they followed the same principle:
rolled cake with filling and covered in sugary goodness.

This Christmas Chocolate buche.

For the filling, I used some chestnut spread (sent to me by my parents,
but it can also be purchased on amazon: here).
I was loosely following this recipe from Sunny Delices
but since it was a small scale, I used 100 g of chestnut spread,
30 g of soft butter and 60 ml of whipped heavy cream.

After rolling it, I made some Swiss meringue (just like for my lemon pie)
with 2 egg whites and 3 oz of sugar (cooking it before whipping it)
and finally blow torching it.
It makes everything prettier!

This buche definitively goes my vision of a Champagne Christmas!

For Christmas, we kept the table setting simple:

pretty plates, a few candles (battery operated for safety!)
and Champagne of course.
Silly dog and tween not optional!

Happy day!


  1. Joyeux Noël! A Christmas meal is not complete without a buche, we always have this desert too. Mine came from the bakery, it was a bit too sweet but still good. Yours look very tasty, mmm :-)!

  2. thank you, I totally agree with you, the buche totally complete the meal! It was good, quite sweet too, but it is so good! Being able to buy one would be nice too...
    Happy New Year!


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