Monday, December 5, 2016

a new soft tree skirt

Since I decided to use a different color scheme this year for Christmas,
I would like it to be a "Champagne" Christmas,
I needed a new tree skirt.
Here is what I sewed:

a cotton velvet with a faux fur border.

(it is hard to take some pics, the dog really likes to lay down on it...yep it is soft!)

My inspiration for this tree skirt was :

 the Pottery Barn velvet tree skirt.

I think it is a pretty good copy!
I started with a velvet curtain panel from IKEA,
I had purchased a pair and only did one panel for Brick Master's room
(we are working on it, slowly!).

I did the classic trick of folding the fabric diagonally to have a square,and cut it out,
then fold it into quarters, draw part of a circle and cut it out.

I made a mini version out of felt to better show you how I made it:

I made and sewed some bias binding (out of the velvet)
for the small cut-out circle.
Then I refolded the tree skirt into quarters and use it as a pattern
to cut out 4 pieces faux sheepskin (for the bottom part)
and about 6 inch wide,

Then I stitched the 4 pieces into a continuous band
that I finally attached to the bottom of the skirt (the longest part).

The tricky part is pinning it the right way: wrong side of the velvet to right side of the fur,
so that when the fur is flipped on the right side of the velvet,
it is also on the right side.

For the shorter side of the fur, I just turned under a 1/4 ish inch , 
and top-stitched all around.
Finally I attached some binding on the opening,
leaving no raw edges.
Before attaching the binding, I added some loops
to secure the edges later on with buttons.

We purchased our tree this week end,
and started decorating it,
it is really coming along!

Come back later to see my version of a Champagne Christmas!

Happy sewing!

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