Tuesday, November 17, 2020

a little change in the living room

Our life style has changed over the last few months,
probably true for a lot of you,
and we have been doing more family movie nights.
We realized that the way we had set up the living room
was not very convenient for the 4 of us to watch a show,
so I played musical furniture!

Here is our "new " family room:

It has pretty much the same furniture that we had before,
as seen last winter after I painted the library blue,
and made some more curtains:

I only rotated the couch and the coffee table
(that I improved a few years ago),
moved the side table and lamp from the right side to the left side,
but what a difference it makes!

We just need to rotate my "embroidery" chair,
we are set to watch movies as a family!

We did buy a new rug (from Rug USA),
as the old one was too dirty,
we tried to clean it outside but it was not a success...

I also changed the hinges on the library inspired by a tutorial from Young house love,
instead of being visible (and with paint rubbing off)

they are invisible!
(but it was a lot harder than I thought!)

In the right corner, I added the ladder I made a few years ago
to hold my blanket collection,

and a original painting from Maurice Moy
(a painter from my hometown).

I cannot leave this update with a picture of my 2 sidekicks,
who make any photoshoot an adventure:

Happy day!

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