Monday, November 30, 2020

the annual Lucketts Christmas trip to the design house

With all of these year challenges, I was not quite sure
we were going to be able to go to Lucketts to the Christmas design house,
but as soon as the tickets were for sale,
I purchased some for our favorite time to go,
just after Thanksgiving.

And it was the perfect escape!
I even matched the décor, and so did my mask,
there were few people, everybody wore masks,
we were given our own shopping bag so we felt quite comfortable,
and at the end, we even had a glass of Champagne,
it felt quite VIP! 😉

Onto the house, I took many pics but if you want to see it better for yourself,
I would recommend their Instagram feed with all the videos!

The outside was very festive, and as soon as you entered, it was grand!

I loved the unusual color of rust and burgundy,
and the beautiful ribbons and bows...

The snow room was also fun,
with textures and polar bears everywhere:

There were also so many different Christmas trees,
all richly decorated

and with their own theme, coordinating with their room.

No décor would be perfect without some dogs,
and the 2 black dog rooms were just that: perfect!

My favorite parts were these papier mache heads of deer and bunny,
the fun look of animal without the killing part!
I was very tempted to bring one home....
I also really liked the edelweiss felt garland, quite unique.

Here is the few things I brought back:
3 very heavy mushrooms (I have a thing for mushrooms!),
a squirrel on an acorn (I also have a thing for both of them!)
a 2D metal sleight
and 2 small little bowls:

(quite reasonable!)

After this trip, I was able to start working on my Christmas décor,
that I shared last week.

You can check out my previous trips just below:
2019 visit, I did not blog about it, but I enjoyed the visit: 

2018 visit:

2017 visit:

2016 visit:

2015 visit:

Happy Day!

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