Friday, November 13, 2020

a sweet little November embroidery

I just finished this little Novembre embroidery,
and I had fun setting it up in a small gold frame,
with some pumpkins on my little vignette table.

I brought it back from France a few years ago,
I am pretty sure I started it right away,
but somehow lost it in my sewing room...
and I just found it a few days ago!
With only a few details left to embroider,
I finished it in 2 day!

The pattern from Rouge du Rhin: Novembre,
the linen is printed in soluble red ink, making it easier to do the embroidery,
and vanishes nicely afterward, since I did not do a great job....

I chose to use a rectangular frame, I added some ribbons and a tag on the side
to give a more modern look at this very traditional embroidery.

It is a great addition to my newest embroidery corner:

(Apple cross-stitched pillow here)

I moved a few things in the living room
which I will share next time!

Happy day!

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