Tuesday, November 24, 2020

dreaming/planning for Christmas decor

I am at the final stage of my Christmas inspiration
and planning.
The idea we are going for this year is:
snow flakes on deep red!

Resources: ribbon snow flakesnow flakesnow for treeChalk dust tree print,
mail boxpillow coverquilt pattern

Miss C. asked that I bring back red to Christmas this year,
and I could not say no,
it is a family business to decorate the house,
everybody should be happy about the outcome,
so red it is!

But we decided to try something different this year,
we are going to try flocking the tree,
which we will buy later after Thanksgiving,
it should be quite interesting!

So we are planning for snow, and snow flakes,
I already started on quilting some new pillows from this quilt pattern:

so far so good!

I made sure to use a deep red that goes with our previous
Christmas pillows, like my deer silhouette one from 2012!

Happy Day!

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