Friday, October 23, 2020

apple embroidered pillow

I finished my apple embroidered pillow in time!

I was getting concerned that I was not going to make it!
Well I knew I would finish it,
but in time to go to the park to take pictures,
that was less certain!

with French cidre (from Normandie, not Bretagne... but yeah cider!),
apples and harvest cake.

The cross stitched pattern from Madame La Fee
was long but not too difficult,
with the proper glasses!

I must admit I was looking forward to have it complete!

I was able to find in my "collection" the perfect print:
a thimbleberries apple print from 2004!
I remember buying it when Miss C. was a tiny baby!

I used the print to frame the embroidery (a little too small for a pillow)
and for the back.

Then Mon Cheri and I went to the park to take pictures....

with pillow, blanket, cake and cider!

I think people look at us a little funny,
since there is a no picnic policy right now!

Luckily the pictures turned out really nice,

and we had a nice walk around the pound.
Cakes like to go on walks too!😜

Happy day!


  1. Girl, I love all you do, but this might be my favorite embroidery project of yours! It's so very pretty, so much precious detail. 🍎❤️🍎❤️ The pics equally lovely! Do you have an Etsy shop?

    1. thank you so much Cristina, so sweet of you! No Etsy shop, just too many pillows at home...if such a thing is possible!


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