Friday, September 4, 2020

histoire de Pommes cross stitch embroidery

I started this "delicious" embroidery 
at the beginning of the stay-at-home order,
thinking it was the perfect time to work
on such a large project:

It was and it is, but I have been back at work for months,
so it is slow going.....
I am not sure I am going to be done in time
for apple season!

The pattern is from Madame la fee,
a French designer,
whose cross stitch grid can be purchased online,
but it is not like Etsy and other places
where you get immediate download,
it can take a couple days.

Here are all the pretty colors necessary for the embroidery,
originally I was planning on doing it on linen,
but after a few hours....

I hated the look and the irregularity of the stitches!

So I grabbed some white even-weave and tea dyed it,
so it would be less white, without being yellow,
and restarted the embroidery:

much happier!

I kept on stitching, keeping busy...
Mon Cheri describes it as my form of meditation,
which is pretty accurate!

The embroidery grew bigger and bigger,
from the middle to the outer edges,
the opposite way of a puzzle!

It took quite a while to reach that size,
it is a great activity when it is too hot to move outside!

Then I realized that in order to stitch all the white parts,
I needed stronger glasses!

And it totally helped!
See that little lace behind the tarte aux pommes?
so delicate!

I still need to stitch the donut, the cider glass, a pot of jelly and finish the flower....

Now I dream of finishing this embroidery
and eating apple goodies like this "chausson aux pommes",
literally apple slipper!

Happy day!

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