Tuesday, September 22, 2020

fall front porch

Today is the first day of fall!
And with how cold it has been for the past few days,
it is hard to believe it is not October already....
But it is the perfect time to enjoy our new front porch,
and I had fun adding some seasonal touches:

with pretty colorful mums,

pillows, trow blanket and pumpkins.

And for the first time, we have a doormat!

When I bought that one at Michaels, I did not think about size,
just how pretty it was...
and now I know why people layer doormats,
they are too small for the doorways!

I am still searching a few extra pumpkins,

the colorful pepper plant is a fun and different addition,
which gave the opportunity to get a new pot/planter,
my latest addiction.

For the pillows, I just borrowed them from inside,
I am still quite a fan of my fox pillow.

I did get something quite fun from Scotland to keep me warm:
a blanket from the Tartan Blanket Company.
I purchased it from Amazon but it came from there:

The colors are perfect for my fall decor,
and I already tried it,
it is quite warm.

My ultimate fall accessory?
Bosco of course!
I will not recount the amount of efforts
to get to that pic....
It was totally worth it,
such a good dog!

Happy Fall!


  1. So very pretty!! All those warm tones look so good together! I think I need one of those Tartan blankets. 😍😍

    1. Thanks Cristina! It is quite a thick and warm blanket, perfect for the cooler weather we have currently!


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