Friday, December 4, 2020

building a mantel for our old fireplace

Last weekend, I built a mantel for our fireplace.
And it took about half a day!

Simple, yet perfect!

Here is the original fireplace to our late 60s house,
totally naked, except for the blue tape I was using for reference
while I was decided on the high and width of the mantel.

(Bosco loves looking outside!)

changing a few things, 
as I wanted a floating beam.

I used 3 pieces of pine: 1 x 5" x 8',
and made a long skinny box (88").
I stained it with Early American.

(you can see the tree I was flocking in the background!)

Then we hanged a 2" x 3" on the bricks
with special screws, it was a little scary!
I also attached 4 little pieces of the 2 x 3
perpendicularly to the wall to help support the beam.

Finally we put the beam on the support,
and put a few screws from the top,
and voila!

Surprisingly it looks like it totally belongs!

And now I need to decorate it for Christmas,
for the first time!

Happy Day!

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