Friday, December 11, 2020

our first flocked Christmas tree

I had been thinking about having a "snow" Christmas tree
for years, but I never really made it happened until now:

And it is lovely,
messy but lovely!

And it requires planning, good weather, waiting....
As I mentioned in my Christmas mood board,
I used SnoFlock as recommended by many people.

It is not hard but requires to work outside, with no wind and no rain,
luckily it was dry and only slightly windy.
A big tarp protected the floor so cleanup was easy,
I on the other hand was quite dirty but I had a good time!

The tree stayed outside until it was dry,
bringing it back inside was slightly messy,
just like adding the lights and ribbons....

I might have used a few chosen words,
but I prevailed!

At that point, Mon Cheri and the kids joined in the fun,
and we all put ornaments on the tree as we usually do.
My 4 new ornaments from Lucketts were added to the collection,
we used mostly deer, squirrel and mushrooms
mixed with pine cones, cross stitched ornaments
and an Eiffel tower!

And it is lovely,
I really like the light snow on the tree,
and all the touches of red Miss C. requested!

On the little table next to the tree,
I set up my favorite bear with a nice red ribbon,
a nesting doll Santa,
a too heavy for the tree car ornament,

and a sweet little embroidery,
from Veronique Enginger, aka les brodeuses parisiennes,

So far the dogs have remained their original colors,
and their tail waging near the tree has not messed up the snow!

Happy day!


  1. Well worth the effort, it's a gorgeous tree! Love the pinecones and the candles, do they come as a garland?

    1. Thanks Cristina, I must admit I really like it! The candles (from Balsam Hill) are individual candles, so they can be placed where needed, they are battery operated and with a remote control, quite fun


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