Friday, April 2, 2010


how to change a towel bar
or how joint compound can be your friend!

I am a homewrecker....
as in I take apart home
...not family!

While we are still working on improving our kitchen and basement,
I decided that I could stand no longer
contractor grade towel bar!
I had been looking at it for a long time,
(since the day we moved in, over 2 years ago!)
wondering how to take it off...

They are everywhere in the house!
Who needs a full towel bar in a powder room?!
And I just prefer brushed nickel.
So I took one of them out...
and here it was happened!

Yep, there are 2 big holes!
The bar was very securely installed in the wall!

My dog,GBD, who is my shadow, had this to say:

What would Daddy say?

 (I am Mom to my dog, I am one of those!!!!)
There could be trouble!
Luckily Mon Cheri is very cool by nature,
and as I am fairly handy
he knew I should be able to fix it!

So here is how it went:

since the holes were about 4.5 x 2.5 inches,
I had to first install a piece of wood behind the hole.

I cut some dry wall, just a little smaller than the hole
and screwed it to the wood.

I put some tape so that the joint compound could fill in the hole.

 I applied the joint compound,
a small layer at a time,
sanding in between coats for a smooth finish.

Then I applied some primer and repainted.
Now time to install a proper towel bar...

and voila
a almost perfect bathroom!!

I started with the kids bathroom,
(also for guests)
so definitily there was a need for more hanging space!

So maybe now it is time to take over that powder room
and install a small and cute towel bar...
OK may be I will wait until I am done with the basement...
or not!

So today, it is not happy sewing
but happy dry walling!

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  1. Hi Morgane!
    Thanks for your funny comment on my post today (I will, I must try!...) Are you kidding me? You are a woman who can repair drywall- I am convinced you could do anything!!!
    So happy I found your blog- I'm having a good time going through past posts.
    Happy sewing tomorrow?


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