Wednesday, April 28, 2010

bedroom staging

I have finally found out the specific details
of my upcoming class (starts on Monday!).
And I have made 25 slides in my power point presentation!
Pretty slow, since I use about 20-30 for each lecture!
So if my math is right I need 250 to be on the safe side,
so I am about 10 % done...

Yep it is going to take a while!

So I went to stage my bedroom!
I have been reading a lot of decorating blogs and books
and I feel like a need to play with my surrounding
and have some fun.
I decided to make little vignettes
and here is what I have came up with.

We have a huge bed (perfect for a huge room!)
The celing is real high!
We are more into the twenties and thirties
art deco period,
so far away from vintage-cottage
(even if I love the style, romantic decors are so cool,
just not me!)

Here is my side:

A dresser is definitively a great night stand,
I can hide a ton of mess!
And there is also a lot of top space,
perfect for all my reading material!

Of course I need my Chanel to go to bed (!),
I need to remain French, non !
I also have a serious copy of all of Rimbaud's writting
(poems, correspondance).
Of course it is not always there, it is good to read
 a few poems here and there....
but this is staging!!!
I chose that volume because it is the same green that
the roses! (not real, but they float my boat)

Here is Mon Cheri's side:

The cool airplane (heavy) is a present from me upon my graduation.
He needed it! It was a painful process with too many hours in the lab
any time of the day and of the week!
It comes from everyone's favorite: Pottery Barn.
(more than 10 years ago)

The two framed pictures come from Mon Cheri's
 second trip to Europe, just before we met.
They were taken by a friend of ours who is
On my side, it is a picture of Venice,
and the other side,
 it is a picture of inside the Pantheon in Rome.
We both love Italy, we just need to
go there together!

While it does seem to lack colors in the pictures,
the curtains are red, burn out red velvet!
Very luxurious...
I brought them back from France a few years ago.
I always bring back fabric,
somehow, the only french things in our house
are fabric!

I also brought back the red bed spread.
Our bed linen is a mix of IKEA (perfect duvet cover)
and Costco bedsheet (nice egyptien cotton).
I am not into pillows on the bed... always have to remove them!

Happy day!
(no sewing today!)


  1. I'm so glad you found your way to the party! Thanks so much for showing off your vignettes. I love the Chanel on the silver tray. Perfection!

  2. LOVE your style -- it all doesn't have to be romantic country! Yours is elegant and lovely.
    My Chanel is in my kitchen; yours in the bedroom makes WAY more sense!
    Lovely -- thanks!

  3. love your chanel!

    but i love that mint julep cup even more! i so want a collection of those vintage cups. one day...

  4. i love your bedside lamps..perfect that they compliment but are not a matching pair. I love that!


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