Thursday, April 15, 2010

receiving blanket, part II

Do you remenber my receiving blanket,
waiting for its embroidery?

Well I did it!

I emboidered a beautiful little lamb,
using stem stitch for the body,
lazy daisy (or free floating chain stitch) and
French knot for the flowers.

I think it really finishes the blanket.
It is very dainty, but I like it!

It should be modeled with a baby,
but I do not know any babies anymore,
so we found a solution!

Just right!

Happy sewing!

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PS I got my haircut today...
why is it a big deal?
It only happens twice a year!!
So here is an updated picture of me:


  1. Love the blanket! Thanks for stopping by to visit my apron creation!

  2. beautiful blanket. your daughte might think all the moms as as creative as hers, I bet she won't realize how lucky she is until she has her own kids.
    And I love you hair, I don't think I have seen you with such a long one ever. They did a great job, I have to think about getting mine "fixed" before I go overseas.

  3. thank you!
    She does think all the moms do that...
    She always asks for more stuff all the time,
    but since I am crazy that way... I like it.
    Have a great trip!

  4. this is so gorgeous!!! the lace is so delicate and your embroidery is adorable.

  5. Cute haircut!

    I simply love the receiving blanket! It really is just adorable!

  6. Your little lamb is adorable! And just the right touch. You do beautiful work.

  7. Aww.. so sweet! Just the right touch. ;o)

    Your hair looks great, too! I'm the same way. Hardly ever get a real haircut. I just have my daughter trim off the bottom every so often. lol

  8. What a precious receiving blanket! And the little lamb is so sweet!

  9. Great embroidery for a sweet blanket. Love your new hairdo! Thanks for sharing!

  10. This is SO sweet...what a lovely little lamb!

    Am now a follower....hope you will come follow me at Julie's Open Window : )


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