Thursday, April 22, 2010

daisy quilt, part II

I have been working on my

Remember my delema over
the design with these fabrics?

I wanted some flower design
and some space for names.

So I kind of made my own design!
(well I was inpired by traditional patchwork!)

And because I was limited in some colors,
I had to do a lot of math!

A lot of time I used 2 1/2 inches as my square base,
but here I only had enough green for 2 inches.

Here is a block.

There is no actual triangles, just a lot of squares!
I finished the top,
I still need to quilt it.
So there will be a part III,
the return!

Miss C. went on a girl scout painting
adventure, she came back with this plate:

(parrot with 3 eggs in a nest)
I thought it was very good,
especially for a 5 year old!

It is only fair that I also share
Lego brick master's art work:

(inspired by "the starry night" by van Gogh)
I must say I love it,
not bad for a kid who will be an engenier!
He usually draw with a ruler and in black, grey,
blue and red!

Happy Creativity!


  1. Loving the happy colors in the quilt, painted plate and drawing! Your children certainly inherited your creative talent!

  2. Thanks for sharing the fun quilt. It was so nice to see what your children are creating. There must be a lot of joy in your home.

  3. Beautiful! I am very impressed! I'm taking an intermediate sewing class now, once I finish the advanced I'll be taking a quilting class. I can't wait after reading your post!

    P.S. Thanks for visiting my blog!

  4. Hi Morgane, thanks for stopping by my place! Love the quilt you are making - that's the one craft I have never been able to master - I appreciate anyone who can!

    Your childrens art work is priceless - these are great treasures to have! ~Marcy


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