a little deer, a book and a bag

I had so much fun making my first little deer,
that I made another one of course!

This deer (Ms Dandelion Doe) wears also a Liberty of London dress.
Because I sewed this one for my niece K (who will be 5 next March),
I have added so more deer goodness as the handmade deer is more for looking than playing.

I found this beautiful book about sweet animals in the wood/
Miss C. totally approved of the book, she is even looking forward
to seeing her cousin to read it to her!

And to make it even better, I found a little tote bag illustrated by the same person: Teagan White,
it is just the right size to carry the book, the deer and other very important treasure.

Happy sewing!


  1. thank you Melody!
    apparently my niece loves it...and reading the book to the deer!


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