Wednesday, December 23, 2015

a little manicure kit

Miss C. is a big fan of nail polish and nail art, like most tweens,
so I made her a little manicure kit as a last minute Christmas present,
it is supposed to be a travel one, but I think it would be perfect for home too.
I followed this tutorial from Positively Splendid,
very fast and easy, the hardest part: finding 3 fabrics and 1 ribbon that worked together!
For hers, I used an Australian/Aboriginal print, some green solid
and a super cute turquoise kangaroo fabric.
(since Mon Cheri traveled to Australia, we are having down under envy!)
The mat is a piece of black chalkboard fabric,
Inside there is space for some nail polish removers, nail polish, clipper and file.
Of course, there is no need to match the nail polish to the kit,
but at eleven, one needs green and turquoise nail polishes!
Happy sewing!

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