Monday, December 21, 2015

table setting for Christmas

This week end I did a table setting rehearsal,
I know it sounds a little silly,
but I will be at work on Christmas eve while everybody else will be home
and I am counting on them to set the table for dinner!

And because we will 6 instead of our usual 4, it takes some preparation:
I only have 4 red napkins and 4 deer plates with silver rims!
I know, right, real drama here...
So I had to be a little creative.

For place holder, I am using a pine cone and a German glass glittered initials
 that I made during my workshop with Ms Mustard Seed.

So I am using 2 different sets of napkins: the red ones I purchased during my trip at Lucketts
and a set of toile ones from Pottery Barn, alternating for each plate setting. 

I have collected over the years various PB reindeer dessert plates 
(underneath there are just plain white plates and a plastic silver charger),
 so the adults can have the silver trims ones and the kids just plain ones, 
same reindeer but much larger (and dishwasher/microwave friendly!)

For the centerpiece, I wanted something natural but easy to remove,
after all we need space for food!
So I cut some branches from the Christmas tree and holy bushes from the backyard
(before all the red fruits are eaten by the squirrels....)
and put it together with a little lantern.

Hopefully I left enough directions for my family to reset it,
otherwise...well more champagne will be required,
not that it is a bad thing!

Happy day!

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