Friday, December 4, 2015

British ornaments

Since our visit to London this summer, Miss C. has had an interest in all things English
(which does not mean she is giving up her passion for the Eiffel tower, she has 4 in her room!)
When we were there, the fancy stores had already their Christmas ornaments out,
I thought about purchasing a few as souvenirs, but they were out of our budget,
 London is really expensive, I would say a lot more than Paris.

So I looked for a few more reasonable priced ornaments here, and I found a few nice ones
 at World Market. I also found a cute tutorial for a Flagheart decoration,
perfect for our little British connoisseur.

Of course I could not totally copy it, I changed the crown for a bear,
I am not strong on monarchy, probably a French thing!

Happy crafting!

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