Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Baking corner {One Room Challenge} week two

Last week I wrote about my participation to the ORC
and the update I am planning on doing to the kitchen,
which I had already updating over the years.

Here is the plan for my baking corner for the One Room Challenge:
-a base cabinet painted white with a hidden trashcan 
as I will be removing the one we currently have
(a necessity in a kitchen, especially since we do not have a garage), 
-some countertops, probably butcher block 
(since it would be difficult to match the black granite of the kitchen,
 but we have some butcher block on a white cart near by) 
-some L shaped shelves to store and display
my many types of flour in cute jars, of course
-some baking art...
1)- baking corner from My Name Is Yeh,  2)- pie sign
3)- IKEA butcher block, 4)- unfinished cabinet
5)- pull-out trash can, 6)- IKEA glass jar.
Easy right?
I found an unfinished 18" base cabinet at Home depot, 
the door style is different from the current one,
but the doors are far apart, so it should not be too noticeable,
especially once it is painted white and has the same hardware.
For the shelves, I am not sure if I want them white or leave them natural.

What do you think?

Here are some eye candy,
my inspiration for this challenge.

baking corner from Kitty Cat Stevens

baking station from Decor Pad

baking place from Froken Knopp

baking corner from Design Sponge

baking station from Buckets of Burlap via Pottery Barn

I really like both versions of the shelves,
so I am really not sure which one to choose.
I guess I will decide while I am working on them.
Let me know which way you are leaning!
Happy day!


  1. I LOVE your inspiration for this space, and thank you SO much for the IKEA link to the butcher block. I didn't even know IKEA sold butcher block... and I think I need some for our coffee station :) Have a good weekend.

  2. Thank you, I am so glad I could be of help....I still need to go get some myself!


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