Sunday, October 30, 2016

a fun Halloween party

With my steampunk Cinderella outfit on,
I was ready for a party with a few friends,
nothing too fancy: snacks and drinks.
Of course, Halloween requires some decoration,
nothing scary here, just fun and silly,
black, orange and crow!

I was so busy getting everything ready, I forgot to write something on my chalkboard easel...
Decor is good but food is more important!

I made gougeres (delicious cheese balls), warmed up some mini quiches, 
set a cheese tray (no pic of that one), and Mon Cheri set up a meat tray 
(no pic either, it was a busy night!)
For desserts, I made some mini apple pies (using the same recipe than my original pie),
purchased some Florentines and meringues from my favorite French patisserie.
And Miss C. made some beautiful cupcakes that her friends devoured.

(set on top of my ORC drink stand, totally work for cupcakes too!)
Now for the drink side of the party:
more orange, black and crows of course!

We served many kinds of beer (elegantly display in the beer carrier I made last year)
and some cider sangria (that did not turn out, I would not recommend it!).
For the kids, there were a lot of drinks stored in crates just below.
It was the perfect little gathering with friends.

Happy Halloween

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