Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Baking corner {One Room Challenge} week five

This is week 5 of the One Room Challenge!
I am working on transforming a corner of my kitchen
in a baking corner.
Well this weekend was good fun with dressing up
and partying for Halloween.
I was a steampunk Cinderella and we hosted
a fun party with yummy food.
But as far as the challenge goes,
it was a bust!

Pretty much the only thing I have to show is the accessories I purchased
to decorate the new and improve baking corner!
The pie sign is from World Market and the 2 sizes glass containers are from IKEA.
I added a label from chalkboard contact paper (from Amazon, I think).
While I do not have much to show, I did start working on the floating shelves
for my new containers.

It is a very slow process as I am making it up as I go along....
Right, probably not the best way, but it is a small corner
with very few studs!
Overall I am inspired by this tutorial from Shanty 2 Chic.
I am using 1x2 (and 2x2) for the base, the facing will be 1x3.
The top will be a L shape cut piece of MDF.
Since it is so small (20x18, and 6 inches deep) I thought a thinner shelf
would be better. I have pulled on the wood,
it is holding on tight!
It should not take this long ...unfortunately my work area is in the basement,
so there are a lot of up and down the stairs for this project,
 it can also be considered a work out!
There are quite a few things for me to finish this week/week end:
-finish the first shelf
-make another shelf above the first one, may be less wide
-install some countertop
-make everything pretty...

But I believe it will happen, after all this kitchen has already came up from a long way:

and with the marble backsplash:

PS: Another challenge for this weekend:
Lucketts has its Holiday open house
(I went last year, and it was awesome!)
and Chartreuse is also open, 
so it is a twofer, Saturday will be super busy!

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