Monday, December 24, 2018

Atelier buche de Noel

Over the weekend, a few of my girlfriends came over
for a special event:
atelier buche de Noel!

chocolate version 

chestnut version

Because we were 4 and my oven is normal size,
we made half size one,
still enough for a regular family.

There were a lot of silliness and good times,
and they turned out really good:

with nice spirals.

I blogged about the recipe in 2013,
and it is still the same that I make every year.
But after watching the great English baking show,
I roll my the cake just after baking it to cool it down,
there is way less cracking that way!

I also made the buche de Noel with chestnuts:

We are now all ready to celebrate Christmas.
I want to wish you and your family
 a Merry Christmas!

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