Friday, October 15, 2010

hanky baby bonnet

We are trying to raise money for our SAGA group
to continue our weecare program.
We will be selling baby bonnets at the Loveland craft fair
on November 6th, from 10 to 4.

Here is the baby bonnet I made for the show:

It is the traditional handkerchief to baby bonnet, or baby bonnet to handkerchief,
depending on how/when you start your tradition.

Here is one of the many poems you can find about hanky baby bonnet:

A tiny square of linen
And a dainty edge of lace,
Designed into a bonnet,
To frame your baby’s face.

After baby’s worn it
Fold and tuck away...
And it becomes a hanky
For your daughter’s Wedding Day.

Or if the baby is a boy,
On the day he marries
This can be the “something old”
His joyful bride will carry.

Cheesy but in a sweet way!
Anyway, I started with a square of fine linen,
from the heirloom store (Martha's heirlooms)
entredeux, French lace and ribbons.

I tried a few different stitches with a wing needle
to decorate the linen, I starched the fabric and used a water soluble

Once I was happy with my stitches, I used it to sew at 1 inch from the edges.
I then attached entredeux and lace.
So here is the beautiful handkerchief,
please no nose blowing in this one!

To make the bonnet, I folded both edges toward the center,
and stitched close to the back edge to make a casing.
(the front is not stitched)
I used a narrow ribbon and tied it to make the back of the bonnet.
For the front, I used hand sewed the wider ribbon about 1 inch from the edge.

I had no baby to model this cute little bonnet,
so Miss C. is modeling it on her baby doll!

Happy sewing!



  1. You know I love bonnets, and this is no exception! So pretty. Best wishes to your guild on a successful fundraiser!

  2. I made one of these about 28 years ago for a friend. I have been looking for years, for the poem that goes with it! Thanks to you, I found it!! Do you think young mom's will still appreciate a bonnet these days?

    Thanks again, Penny


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