Thursday, October 14, 2010

on fire

as in literally on fire!

Last Friday, my back yard got on fire!
The day before, my neighbor was burning some dry tall grass
in his back yard.
It was very smoky.
I do not like that, I always feel oppressed,
with good reasons.  About 10 years ago,
 the town I was living in New Mexico was evacuated
because of controlled burn that went out of hand!!
400 houses burned with 48,000 acres of land and forest.

Anyway back to our story and my neighbor,
he put his fire out later that Thursday.
On Friday it was windy, very windy.
We have not had any rain in a very long time,
quite a drought.
Somehow, the fire restarted itself in the afternoon,
and sprayed from his backyard to mine.

Luckily some people driving by, saw it and
started working on it right away.
I was walking my dogs at the time, and was quite surprise
to see so much activity at my house!
We all grabbed hoses and got the fire under control
before the fire department arrived.
Quite the little adventure!

The result was quite impressive
but no tree, trampoline or play structure were burned,
just very dry grass!

It would not be a big deal,
if my house was not for sale!
Nothing says "Welcome" like a burned back yard!

Well it has been less than a week,
and with constant watering and fall sun,
the grass is coming back!

My neighbor's water bill is going to be high,
but I know he is feeling better already!
And so am I....

Happy day!

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