Monday, October 17, 2011

I spoke too fast....

Last week, I spoke too fast
of the lack of interesting in Halloween costume!
This week, both kids decided that indeed there was
a need for new outfits.

So now I am up to my eye balls in tulle,
purple velvet and pink shiny fabric, lace...
you guessed it, there will be
another Rapunzel for Halloween!
Brick Master is still stuck on knight,
so technically it should be easy,
but since he is a growing machine,
everything is just too small!
So more shiny fabric (silver this time!),
felt and pseudo-leather!

There are still almost 2 weeks,
(party at school on the 29th!)
so I do not know what I am concerned about!
Oh yeah, there is that Holiday boutique just a week after that!

Better get back at it!

And yesterday I tagged along with Caroline from Artfully Caroline
to a discount fabric store,
you can read more about it here,
we had a great time!

Happy sewing!

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