Sunday, October 30, 2011

purple costume done!

I finished the Rapunzel costume
for Miss C. a few days ago,
just in time for the Halloween party last night
at school.

It turned out more complex than I thought
and with a lot of details,
so it took a lot longer than planned.
I modified slightly by making short sleeves
and omitting the over shirt.
In my costume experience, the satin hold up very nicely,
even to intense daily play
but not the organza/chiffon.

This costume, I should say this gown,
 is fully lined with tulle on the petticoat.
I used some beautiful velvet for the top,
and satin for the rest of the dress.
The lining is part purple quilting cotton
 (left-over from Miss C.'s quilt backing
and part natural muslin, with 4 yards of tulle.
There is also a lot of lace,
eyelets and pink rattail.

As you can see on the pictures,
she loves it!
yeah for me!
She looked perfect with all the other Rapunzels!

Happy sewing!

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