Wednesday, October 26, 2011

ratatouille lasagna

A few weeks ago, we brought back home,
a lot of fresh peppers, just harvested from the field,
I knew exactly what to do with them:
roast them!
We lived many years in the South West,
and Fall is roasting season for the chili peppers,
the smell is everywhere (and we miss it!)
Bell peppers have basically the same smell,
so it was a total trip down memory lane!

Of course, once they were roasted I made ratatouille,
adding  a can of garbanzo beans
 after cooking the vegetable in the pressure cooker,
for an added protein source.
After a couple meals of ratatouille,
the novelty and excitement wore off,
so what to do with all the left over?
Freezing it is always a good option....
but how about making lasagna out of it?
The idea came from my Mom,
I must admit I was not too sure about it at first,
it turned out to be really good,
can I say even better than just ratatouille?

I made some Bechamel sauce
with a little butter/ flour and milk,
and started layering lasagna pasta,
bechamel sauce, ratatouille (well drained!)
and mozzarella.

I then baked it in the oven at 400 until golden and bubbly.
I like to use individual pan,
well I like to eat the first half right away
and keep the other half for the next day,
mon cheri eats both side at once,
the children just look....too scared to eat!

It is just so sad that ratatouille season is over,
looking at the picture,
I just want to eat some more....

Happy day!

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