Tuesday, October 25, 2011

"our farm" and a first race

For the past month we have been going
 every Saturday morning to "our farm".
We had being interested in finding a CSA location for a while,
but we could not get our act together.....

Enter blogging,
 more specifically the quilting blog of Briana Arlene,
then we knew,
we had found "our farm":

The kids just love to go there,
yes it is for the farm animals,
but I think these kitties are a great reason!

The children enjoy helping at the farm,
feeding the geese and the chicken,
petting the horses and the goats,
Brick Master can even call turkeys!

We will not make farmers out of them,
but they seem more willing to eat their vegetable
from "our farm"!
I think it works great!

*to see better pictures of the farm, check Briana's post*
On Sunday, my son entered his first race,
a 1 mile run,
just the right distance for a first time.
And he did great, we are so very proud of him.
A few more years of training and
he will be able to run marathons like his dad...
I think Miss C. will run it next year,
she is pretty fast and she had medal envy!

Happy day!

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  1. Morgane--This is so exciting to read! Isn't Carol just one of the nicest people you could meet? Great photos of the farm. Hopefully we can meet in person at some point, either at the farm or during a DC Modern meet-up.


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