Saturday, October 22, 2011

purple, the new pink!

Lately it feels like the only color
I see is purple,
the only thread I use is a variation
on purple:
lavender, lilac, iris, orchid, sugar plum...

There is the quilting of Miss C.'s quilt,
even painting her room,
and now this blouse!

I found this beautiful lawn print at G Street Fabrics
 at the end of the summer,
I originally purchased it for myself,
but after a while it seemed more appropriate for Miss C..

I used a pattern from the Burda magazine (summer 2011),
I combined 2 different versions from the pattern,
I wanted it a little bit simpler, the print is busy enough!

I did a traditional placket instead of the one recommended
in the direction, I think it looks more finished and it is just as fast.

I added a little rickrack instead of lace.
I hand stitched the bias neckline, instead of top stitching it.
I had a really hard time sewing the sleeves as the base
is squarish; after unstitching them a few times,
I won!

But the real success is she likes it!
And after a day at school, it still looks good...

Because one can never wear too much purple,
she added this cute vest that I made last year...
that she was wearing for the first time!

I used 2 different featherwale corduroy from Spechler-Vogel
quilted it and lined with a cute hedgehog print.
The pattern is the Natty Jacket & Vest

 You might think it does not match,
but she thinks it goes!
The background color of the print is actually
the same sugar plum color of the vest!

Yesterday, Miss C. got her ear pierced,
guess what color earring she chose?

Happy sewing!

Celebrate Color

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  1. Darling...I LOVE the fabrics you chose....they totally match! And I am into purple this fall I think I am in good company!


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