Thursday, April 26, 2018

updating the living room {the ORC editions}: week 4

This is week four of the One Room Challenge: the living room edition.

The room is shaping up,
I painted the walls a nice blue color,
I made some retro/modern curtains.

And this is what I worked on this week:

a big armoire transformation.

I had wanted to update this large armoire
that we used to store alcohols and wine
into a cool bar for quite some time but never got around to it....

I would have loved to have one of this cool bar piece of furniture,
like those in the picture below:

Pics from PB and Pinterest,
neat right?!

But instead we had this large, old TV armoire (from 2002-2003),
one of our most expensive piece of furniture from Ethan Allen,
real wood and super heavy, so we are keeping it.
It had made it through all the moves,
and had changed rooms in this house a few times
(but no floor change!)

It had good bones:

I was inspired by this transformation by Shine Your Light,
and made this:

Much better right?
I still need to attach a back and some light,
and some extra details,
but it is already much more user friendly!

The shelf was built out of 1 x 12 (recovered from the tired down basement).
And like in my inspiration I used T molding from flooring transitions
to attach the glasses.

I also built 2 "trays" to hold the wine bottles in the cubbies below the main part:

very simply made, with 1/4 inch plywood, 1 x 2 and 3/4 inch square pieces of wood.
They slide nicely in the cubbies, keeping the bottles safe and sound.

It is nice to keep the doors opened instead of hiding everything inside,
but the doors can still be closed, especially nice when kids are over.

I am so glad this One Room Challenge is forcing me
to tackle projects that I have been wanting to work on for a long time.

Hopefully I can take on one of those project:
the fireplace!

Until next week,
Happy DIYing!



  1. So I think I absolutely need an armoire bar area now...that is brilliant! Best of luck with the rest of your Living Room transformation for ORC! Kristin @ Postbox Designs

    1. Thank you Kristin! It was a fun project, but still needs a few finishing touches...but I enjoy looking at it, feeling quite fancy!

  2. Replies
    1. thank you! I am working on finishing it up, but it is a slow process....


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