Wednesday, December 8, 2010


My papi passed away 10 years ago,
because I was 8 months pregnant,
I did not get to go back.

My grandpa and I never had long conversations 
but we did many things together.
Some of the most memorable were
the many pretend tea parties we had together,
feeding the rabbits in the back yard,
eating chestnuts we picked up during our walks
and getting silly from drinking too much cider!
(I grew up in the country side,
all of these things were normal there!)

So today I am roasting chestnut
and drinking cider, thinking about my papi.

Have you ever been to the grocery store and looked
at chestnuts and wondered what to do with them?
An easy thing is just to score the chestnuts,
put them in a pan and cooked them in a hot oven
for about 20 min.

Then just remove the skin without burning your fingers too much,
or putting black all over your face (!),
and eat them, or even better dip them into the cider and then eat them,
oh the memories....

Happy day!

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  1. I come to say Hi and thank for your comments. But when I see chestnut...:D oh I want to sit down and eat them too... :) Chestnuts are the most fave nuts of mine. Before putting them in oven, I often make cross cut on them so that it´s easier to remove the skin.


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