Tuesday, December 7, 2010

holiday apron

It is cold outside,
there is snow everywhere,
time to make cookies!

Miss C. decided to make Christmas cookies for Santa....
I do not know for how you feel about 2 weeks old cookies,
but this Santa likes them fresh!

So we will be eating cookies for dinner,
you will not hear me complain!

To go with all the baking,
Miss C. needed a new apron,

an apron that said Christmas baking.
with 2 cute quilting fabric.

Since the pattern is a Mom and me pattern,
I thought I would make one for myself too,
but I realized fairly fast that no matter how cute
she was with her apron,
I would look silly!

Now what am I going to make with all that green cookie fabric?

Happy sewing!


  1. I think you should go ahead and make one for yourself and a couple for your dolls too. I think it's adorable no matter the age of the wear-er.

  2. Make some placemats for Christmas morning breakfast

  3. That is one stinkin' cute apron! If you decide to make doll aprons, I have a post on my blog about it, but mine's not nearly this fancy. :)


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