Wednesday, August 21, 2013

little treasures from France and the loss of Black dog

No trip can be complete without bringing back
little treasures...

Mine are of course mostly fabric,
no surprise here!

The top fabric is a lightly plasticised fabric, which would be perfect for food related things
I know the second print is Japanese but I had to bring some back with me...
and it looks so good with the macaron timer I found.

I purchased these cute labels, they are printed on embroidery fabric,
so it would be easy to add a nice hand touch to them,
I am not sure how I will use them yet...

I also brought back 3 Liberty of London prints, too pretty to resist.

This treasure is for Miss C., a little scrapbooking kit I found at the BHV in Paris,
a prefect little project to keep her precious souvenirs from her 2 day stay.

My Mom is also responsible for my fabric hoarding!
When she was in vacation in Provence, she brought me back these 3 beautiful fabrics:
lavender, coquelicot (poppy) and olive.
My Mom has a tablecloth made of the olive fabric and it is just stunning,
I cannot wait to start making something out of them,
unless I find them too precious and freeze....

The kids spent a lot of time at various touristy stores, but never really liked what they saw.
But they fall in love with Montmatre's painters,
and chose painting as souvenirs,
I could not be happier with their choices.
Brick Master went for the skyline of Paris with the Sacre Coeur and the Eiffel Tower.
Miss C. chose a small oil paint of the Eiffel Tower,
she was very interested in the way the artist was painting, mostly with a knife,
they had a nice chat.
I also came home with a sweet aquarelle, a water color painting.
While all these art works are for tourists (which we were!)
we felt we came home with something special....
and it looks really in each of our bedrooms!

A few days after our return,
our 13 year old dog passed away,
I am glad we were here to send him off.

The kids think of Black Dog being reunited with his best friend, Great Big Dog.

Our puppy has some big paws to fill!


  1. What great finds! Lovely fabrics and the Paris paintings are lovely. Sorry to hear about Big Black Dog xx

  2. Sorry about your loss.I'm glad you were back to say good bye.
    I love all your finds and can't wait to see what they become. Welcome back!


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