Tuesday, March 1, 2016

set of three little pouches

One of my girlfriends' birthday is coming up,
of course I wanted to sew something for her,
but something different or at least something I had not sewn in a while.
So when I saw this blog post by Pretty By Hand,
I knew I wanted to sew some pouches, a set of three, just like hers.

I did not buy the pattern, I just made it up as I went along.
I have made so many pouches,
that I am getting good at making them,
with or without patterns.
The zippers on the front make it even easier to sew
than the zippers on the top edge as most pouches have it.

I chose 3 coordinating prints from Andover fabrics (Low tide collection),
sea urchins for the big pouch with linear quilting,
seaweed for the middle one,
and seagulls for the small one.
They are quilted differently but all lines in seaweed,
 light color makes it easier to fin anything inside!
The inside side seams were covered with a seaweed biding,
making them as pretty on the inside as the outside.
As a stack of three, they will make an excellent present.

Happy sewing!

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