Sunday, July 16, 2017

visiting the antique Provence

For me, Provence is lavender, olive tree, cicadas and Roman history.

Everything is of course intertwined but let's start by visiting Roman ruins.

Actually in the region of Nimes, most of the buildings have been nicely preserved,
better than in Rome. The amphitheatre is smaller of course,
but it is the most complete one.

There are others in the region like in Arles,
but let's stay in Nimes a little longer.
I took few pics of  place as it was ready for some summer concerts
and less visitable.
It is still totally worth going in, and walking on the top row of the coliseum,
quite a view.

There is also the only complete Roman temple, known as la Maison Carree
with its beautiful columns.

Inside there is only one room where a movie is shown,
quite interesting, in French with English subtitles, about
the arena, this temple and of course the pont du gard.

picture from here

This pont du gard, an aqueduct built to bring water to Nimes
is one of the best attraction in the region,
probably why it is an Unesco monument.

When I was a child, we could walk on the top of the aqueduct, 
as you might be able to see in this old photo:

I am about 8.

Now we can just walk on the side of the first row, much safer,
and also cool down in the river.

Something we also tried for the first time was kayaking the river,
passing under the bridge.
I totally recommend this if you visit the area, it was a fun 3 hour family activity,
and the views were awesome,
but not camera friendly, so just memories!

Now let's leave the Romans for the little villages with their pretty streets
which will bring us to the lavender and olive time!

Happy day!


Merci pour vos commentaires, I will get back to you as soon as I can!

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