Tuesday, July 6, 2010

updated basement craft room

A few weeks ago,
I mentioned that I had to move
my sewing room out of my formal sitting room
to make place for a home office.

Selling one's home is no fun!

But I was not about to call it quits,
no way was I going to give up sewing,
after all it is a great stress relief,
well most of the time!

But before I share my smaller
but usable sewing room,
let me show you
my work place for anything paper related!

So here it is my crafting space with very little natural light!
I tried to make the windows seem bigger
with longer curtains...
but there is no real hiding the fact
that this is the basement!

So here it is my crafting table.
I have been using it for a few years,
and it is perfect.

I used 2 book cases
(called 9 cubes, purchased at Target, probably 5-6 years ago)
and put a piece of 3/4 inch melamine on top of it!
It is not attached in any way, 
the weight itself keeps it in place,
even with crazy monkeys going around! 
I finished the edges with some iron-on melamine,
it could probably used a support bean underneath,
may be in its next location.

The chair is from IKEA and is mostly used by the kids,
the table is over 3 feet tall!
I like to work standing,
finding things all over the place.

It works perfectly with the new cabinets,
that I just finished installing.

So here are some of the furniture I was able to relocate
and use to store my fabric.
Some of the less used fabric has already been boxed up,
a sore subject
so let's not talk about it!

The armoire, still in need of much love (probably after we move...),
stores my extra machines and some fabric and notions,
it is a bit tight inside!
Next to it, are 2 stacked set of drawers
that used to be under my desk, right at my finger tips.
It might seem messy,
but I know what is inside each drawer....

And finally here is my library.
As a scientist I am only comfortable if I have access
to reference material.....
So a large collection of books and magazines....
It took quite a few trips for my son to bring everything downstairs!!

The red and blue bins are full of fabric and patterns,
and projects almost complete, and in total danger
of never being finished.....
On the left is a little desk where I can sew,
I do miss my big desk,
perfect for quilting.

And I am not the only one whose toys were sent
to the basement!

Miss C and her kitchen/dolls are still with me!

Happy crafting!


  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog! I love what you've done with the basement. You took lemons and made lemonade! You are obviously not afraid of using a little elbow grease to get the job done! I really like the cabinets and chalkboard counter top, too.

  2. That looks like one heck of a craft room. What? I'm jealous!


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