Wednesday, May 25, 2011

spring outfit

The warm weather is here,
almost really hot already!
It is short season!

Miss C. does not want to wear dresses anymore,
apparently it slows her down!
I understand I am a short kind of girl.

The difficulty is how petite Miss C. is,
she is finally big enough for size 6, but
it does not hold onto her belly.
And the shorts with adjustable waist have just too much fabric!

So I decided to make her a new short wardrobe.

It all started some new t-shirts from Target,
beautiful color, and plain.

(the bottom one is from last year)
3 T-shirts for $10, just perfect.

With them, I shopped my stash,
as I am still not purchasing fabric!

I found a couple seersucker (purchased from the heirloom store
last summer, may be the one before), beautiful and summer perfect.

There were also some colorful fabric, a little heavier,
perfect to make bottoms.

I did not have a pattern for shorts,
but I have this beautiful book:
Sewing with Whimsy from Kari Mecca.

There are mostly dresses and tops,
but also a pants/shorts pattern,
which I used.

I also followed the directions to add some cute pockets,
they are made of Liberty of London fabric,
and trimmed with some ribbon.

Making the pockets too longer than
sewing the shorts.

To complete the ensemble,
Miss C. decided we should write Love
on the T-shirt.
So I just simply appliqued the letters
and machine stitched all them.

It adds a nice detail,
she decided on the heart for the O.

She is happy to wear her new outfit,
and it is perfect for school
and for running around!

Tomorrow, more shorts!

Happy sewing!

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  1. Super cute! My 5 year old will only wear dresses or skirts! I'm slowly getting her to try the skorts. She'll need them next fall in school.


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