Monday, May 27, 2013

sushi by the seashore or dolls in Breton shirts

The girls went to the shore for some sushi.
Since it was a cool day, they decided to wear their new Breton outfits.

Nevada was the bravest as she wore her swimsuit under her T-shirt,
but kept her skinny jeans!

Her swimsuit is from last year, made from Miss C.'s old suit.
For her jeans, I used this Liberty Jane Pattern,
just like I did for one of Miss C.'s friend, once again using some of my old jeans for fabric.
For her top, I followed another Liberty Jane pattern,
and used an old Breton top from Brick Master.
Being from Bretagne, I take Breton shirt very seriously!

Mathilde wore the the cut-out version of the jeans, made with the same old jeans
and a tank top made with a free Liberty Jane pattern, also made from the same Breton shirt.

Miss C. made the sushi with electric tape and pieces of felt,
following this video from my Froggy Stuff.

Polly wore a similar tank top (same pattern), made from a different Breton top,
Brick Master is going to need to get some new shirts!
She also wore some white shorts, made from the same pattern than the jeans,
with cool pockets and details.

Rebecca wore a dress made from this Liberty Jane pattern,
and I stitched it from the same Breton shirt that I used for Polly.

The rest of the Asian food are erasers, it also came with a little tray to display the meal.

The girls managed to enjoy their day,
even if the sun was not really present,
just like summer in Bretagne!

Happy sewing!

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  1. Very cute! Looks like you have been very busy sewing clothes for the dolls. I love the sushi roll...very cute! Thanks so much for linking up at the Real Family Fun link party! Hope to see you next week.


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