Monday, July 6, 2015

July celebration

Usually for the 4th of July, we keep decoration simple,
we have been using the same 2x4 flag we made in 2010.
Looking back as that post the kids are really young,
hard to believe they are going to high school and middle school in 8 weeks!

So we had step up our game, and come up with something new.
Being almost the day of, we went with something easy,
and made a simple banner.
Instead of just celebrating the US independence day,
we are also celebrating Bastille day as it is known here.
(they are just 10 days apart....and 13 years!)

If you have ever visited Mount Vernon, you know how close George Washington and Lafayette
 were, and there you can see the key to the Bastille (royal prison and symbol of oppression)

While it was not a very sunny or hot day (by DC standard)
we still enjoyed the outdoor, lemonade, watermelon
and fireworks!

Happy day!

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